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Municipal Information Municipal Information

Municipal Information

    This municipal data section aims to be a highly flexible tool to establish the current statistical situation and the historical evolution of the 251 municipalities of the Basque Country.

    You will find here an extensive battery of indicators for each of the municipalities, with the possibility of consulting the full series of data available for each of them.

    The different provincial aggregations (Basque Country, provinces and districts) have likewise been included in order to facilitate comparisons with those spheres.

    There are nearly 200 indicators, classified into 13 thematic areas to facilitate their selection.

Udalmap Udalmap


    UDALMAP is an integrated provincial information system based on the municipalities of the Basque Country. The purpose is to provide a public service to provide greater knowledge of their socio-economic situation.

    It is also the GIS Application used to disseminate the results of two statistical operations: “Sustainability Indicators at Municipal Level in the Basque Country” and the “Survey on Municipal Facilities and Infrastructure”.

    The available data are displayed in the current structure of the Sustainability Indicator Panel and Facilities Panel.

KaleGis KaleGis


    KALEGIS is a territorial information system, based on the Eustat streetmap and which covers the whole of the Basque Country. It is used to localise and display the provincial entities that appear in the streetmap (province, district, municipality, population entity and its nuclei, districts and sections, statistical neighbourhoods, streets and portals).

    It also offers the option to display the economic activities that are carried out in the buildings, together with the search for a specific economic activity within the municipality.

Types of censual sections

Types of censual sections

Eudel Eudel

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